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What you eat can determine how clearly and effectively you think.

Always felt that the school system would benefit tremendously, as would those who attend school, if food and its effects on mood, behavior, and physical and mental performance were a required class . . . every year. Kids would have a better life and better grades, and teachers would have more alert, focused students. Well, life goes on, we become adults, and although we’ve picked up a little hearsay, watched a few TV shows, and read an article or two on health, most haven’t had enough exposure to the hard truths of diet and the impact that food has on life.

Every human body has a formula for optimum mental and physical performance, and it pays to discover what that is.

Truth is, every physical body has eating realities that determine how well it performs. But most don’t know the basics, let alone the formula that will work for their individual bodies. We were never taught that we are unique and that the Standard American Diet falls short. Fact is, there is nothing standard about our blood type, DNA, physical makeup, medical history, or family history. And yet we’re presented with a one-size-fits-all diet. Quite a blunder, if you ask me. Lethargy, mental cloudiness, lack of focus, fatigue, and depression can all be reduced, if not eliminated, if we discover what we need to put into, and remove out of, our diet. Every human body has a formula for optimum mental and physical performance, and it pays to discover what that is.

In the picture: please have a look and follow this great men Yussef, Hippocrates Lifestyle Medicine Coach, TRX BLACK RANK & Director General @bodymasters_neospartan .

We, at BRAVE Vision, had the opportunity to meet Yussef. He also have an online course that you can enroll here (spanish). Thank you for this great opportunity Yussef.

Fortunately, there is infinite information on the subject, including books, web content, and seminars that explain eating for your blood, body, and metabolic type. The good news is that the return on investment of a little time and commitment should be notable in the first week or two.

Discover what your high-performance food intake is today.


- Have I ever considered that what I eat is a key to maximizing productivity?

- Will I pay attention to how I feel after certain meals so I can tune my intake?

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Now trending, here is a great documentary on Netflix "The Game Changers":


Nutrition is important, training is important - but so are rest and recovery, massages, acupuncture. Your body is your temple, and you've got to take care of it. -Antonio Brown


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