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What ever happened to our imagination?

When I was a kid, my imagination was the key to anywhere. It opened possibilities, and the world became whatever I wanted it to be. I turned cardboard into castles, bicycles into rocket ships, trees into skyscrapers, and my third grade teacher into, well . . . let’s not go there. Life then was as real as it was imaginary. There were no limits. Then I grew up. What was once an infinite playground grew walls, confinements, and boundaries.

We didn’t realize that we could reframe our imagination or upgrade the software to Imagination 2.0 and learn new tools

Somewhere during the journey of life, our imagination gets packed into a suitcase and thrown off the train, only to be replaced by cautious optimism, innovation trepidation, and imagination constipation. It is as though we were confronted with life’s realities so harshly that what was once freedom into unlimited possibility became a liability. We didn’t realize that we could reframe our imagination or upgrade the software to Imagination 2.0 and learn new tools, features, and nuances to apply to our current age and new stage of life. The result is that we now get caught up in the daily whirlwind, and a moment to take a deep breath for some imagination time gets suffocated by the next urgent thing.

In this pictures: Katerine Daoust @daoustkaterine & André Nadeau @anadeaufoto

Even as I write this, I feel a pull to give myself permission to imagine more; to slow down and combat daily urgencies so I can think freely, without reservation. Something tells me that it would be a blast, and would reveal innovation beyond my expectations and abundant possibilities for growth, all within the confines of my controlled adult life. At least that’s what I imagine.

Put a little initiation into your imagination today.


- What am I missing by not practicing the imagination of a child in my adult life?

- What one area of my life could use a little or a lot of imagination?

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“The man who has no imagination has no wings.”―Muhammad Ali


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