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The real cost of creating designer sunglasses:
Did you know that we are still underpriced compared to our premium competitors? 

Pricing is a crucial element of any business, and it can be challenging to determine the right price for your products. There are many factors that you need to consider before setting the price.

Firstly, the two key factors that we consider are the lens and acetate materials. We do business with Zeiss and Mazzucchelli, who are renowned for their high-quality materials. While these materials come at a premium price, they ensure that our products are of the highest quality.

BRAVE Vision Acetate-working-MALF.webp
Apart from the material cost, we also need to consider the shipping cost, which adds to our expenses. Other factors such as metal materials, design time, 3D printing, prototypes, production communication, and marketing, add up to our expenses.
We also need to consider the costs associated with offering free shipping, returns, packaging, accessories, office space, warehouse, packing, package follow-up, electricity, domain name, web hosting, email, support team, accountant, graphic design, social media, webmaster, loss, and miscellaneous office expenses. All these factors contribute to the total cost of producing our products.
Considering all these factors, we still feel that we are underpriced compared to our competitors. Our products are priced below industry standards, and our premium competitors charge 2.5 to 5x more for similar products.
We chose not to sell our products in stores because when we approached them, they were impressed with the quality but felt that we were not charging enough for our products. This feedback was an eye-opener for us and made us realize that we were undervaluing our products.
Most of the sunglasses brands on the market are owned by a couple of giant conglomerates, and "Sunglasses Hut" is just one of their storefronts. This makes it a highly competitive and difficult-to-access industry.

In conclusion, determining the right price for your products requires a lot of research and analysis. You need to consider various factors such as material cost, shipping cost, design time, marketing expenses, and many more. Pricing your products too low can undervalue your products, and pricing too high can make them unaffordable for your target audience. Therefore, it is essential to strike a balance and price your products reasonably.

At our company, we take pride in our unique limited edition collections that offer high-quality products at reasonable prices. We encourage you to explore our collections. Remember, we are unique, and so are you. Be brave and choose us for your next sunglasses purchase.