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Creating Unique and High-Quality Sunglasses
A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Nine-Month Process

From Design to Packaging: How Our Dedication to Craftsmanship Sets Us Apart in the Sunglasses Industry

Creating sunglasses is a long and intricate process that involves multiple steps and keen attention to detail. At our company, we take pride in designing our sunglasses from the ground up, and not simply sticking our logo on an existing design. We believe that this process sets us apart from other companies and allows us to create truly unique and high-quality products.
The process of creating our sunglasses takes approximately nine months.
It all begins with inspiration and a sketch on a drawing board. Once we have a 2D drawing of our design, we send it to our manufacturer in Japan for design approval and to confirm technical aspects. This process can involve many back-and-forth discussions before we reach the final design. Once we have approved the design, the manufacturer sends us a production sample, and we provide any necessary adjustments.
While we are working on the design, we also choose the materials we will use to create our sunglasses. We select acetate colors from Mazzucchelli, an Italian acetate manufacturer, lenses from Zeiss Vision, and metal from our factory in Japan. The production leader contacts Mazzucchelli and Zeiss to confirm our selection and to ship all the raw materials to our factory in Japan. If we request a custom selection of materials, this process can take up to 2-3 months.
Once the materials have arrived at our factory, production begins, and it takes approximately five months to create the sunglasses. During this time, we also work on designing and processing our orders for packaging from Korea and other regions in Asia. We receive samples and go through the back-and-forth process to ensure that we are happy with the packaging design.
Once the sunglasses are produced and the packaging is ready, we move on to creating the marketing content. We take photographs and videos, which we edit and create graphic designs for, including logos. We design our website, ensuring that it is user-friendly and mobile-friendly. We also create social media content and post it to share our love and passion for sunglasses with the world.
We are proud of the time and effort we put into creating our sunglasses, and we believe that this dedication shows in the final product. We invite you to take a look at our limited edition collections and see for yourself the quality and uniqueness that our process produces. We believe that our sunglasses are not only an accessory but also an expression of individuality and bravery.
So be brave, be unique, and wear our sunglasses with pride.
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