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We are all born to be brilliant, only to be sabotaged by average.

Average is out, just like leg warmers are out. But unlike average, leg warmers might just make a comeback. (Ouch!) Today, average is so far in the backdrop, it hardly gets noticed, and when seen it is generally the victim of ridicule or avoidance. And yet many are still trying to get by with average and are getting further behind in life.

I don’t know about you, but when I go to a store, I never ask the clerk for an average product or service.

When I considered marriage, I never thought, Boy, if I could just find an average wife. And when I go to a nice restaurant, I never ask for an average meal. Average has lost its credentials in all areas of life.

There was a time when we could get by with average, but in today’s world it is never more uninspiring than to strive for OK.

No matter what your position in life, the quest for average is not a goal—

it’s a retreat. It lives quietly, passively, teetering on the brink between hope and hopelessness. It’s a tentative posture with nothing to commend it, a numbed-out way of life unfortunately practiced by many.

the "oscar" of BRAVENESS

In contrast, the quest for an amazing life, extraordinary love, and exemplary commitments brings with it focused goals and clarified vision. It lives on the edge of something big or something bigger, and it teeters back and forth between passion and purpose, progress and prosperity. There’s something big in all of us, and it is only our quest for average that keeps it sleeping.




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Credits to: Shift Your Thinking by Dean Del Sesto