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Life challenged a man but he decided to challenge his limits.

A short talk into the story of Jason McCue through the adversity and perseverance faced while being grateful and finding opportunity in the difficulty.

Jason McCue, grew up in the Maritimes, in a small bilingual town in Grand Falls, New Brunswick. In 1998 he moved to Alberta to the mountains for his love of snowboarding and ended up living in Jasper for 6.5 years enjoying the leisure lifestyle, snowboarding 100/150 days a season. Then racing downhill mountain bikes during the summer.

In 2004 Jason had an accident that changed his life.

On June 27th, 2004 while at an event in BC, he overshot the landing with too much speed and landed nose-heavy with his bike, causing him to go over the handlebars and fracturing his C5 vertebrae. The explosion of vertebrae caused a piece of bone to penetrate the spinal cord and bruised it, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. This resulted in no leg function and weak finger dexterity. 

Obviously, It was extremely difficult for him to overcome, losing part of his independence was a big obstacle.

He was told that he should be in an electric wheelchair…

Despite the dark times Jason his really a source of inspiration. Regardless of being told that he would never been able to push on his own because he was a C5 – he was told that he should be in an electric wheelchair… Jason didn’t take that as an answer he wanted to hear.

In this pictures: Jason McCue @wheelzonlife picture by: Jonah Boyar @shreddonkers

Persistence is that one little word that made everything ever thought of become that which is today.  Shift your thinking

Most people think there is something special about those who have become successful. Words like intelligent, well-connected, thought leader, charismatic, and more are used to describe them. And although some of those may be true, they would all be meaningless if they weren’t girded in persistence and tenacity. Persistence is typically the only ingredient that is needed above all else for any accomplishment, and certainly, nothing happens without it. So it goes without saying that there’s something to be said about staying the course. Even if the goal isn’t the right one, the process of staying in the game not only makes things clearer in life, it brings us to life. It’s that “persistence motivation” that drives agendas and in the process builds our character, confidence, and a list of progressive adjectives. On the flip side, if the goal is the right one, persistence makes success imminent, and you get the improved character, confidence, and a list of progressive adjectives that go along with it.

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BRAVE Vision has given a TRAILBLAZER Military Green to Jason McCue as a form of the oscar of braveness and as a reconnaissance of his devotion and perseverance. 

Don’t even think of quitting today. When life gets harder, challenge yourself to be stronger. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort. But where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. 

Martin Luther King Jr.

We had a moment to chat with Jason and ask him some questions about his process.

What helped you or inspired you?

"It was my girlfriend at the time. I really wanted to make me the best new person possible for her, so as soon as I got out of the hospital, that summer I enrolled in a social master design course at SAIT, Calgary, where I live now. I was able to complete the course after 2 years and then I just started my own design company doing logos and websites for companies. This inspired me to keep going through tough times."

Did magic happen? A Spark? What “changed your mind” to make you chose to be happy?

"In 2007 I applied to be on a TV show called ‘No opportunity Wasted’ after seeing a video of another Quadriplegia surfing waves. The show was about facing your fears. I wanted to learn to swim in the ocean as a tetraplegic, so I could surf waves. I got invited to the show. They flew me to California, and I got to meet a bunch of pro surfers. It was there that I caught my first wave and rode it straight into the beach. Then I caught 5 more after that - that was the spark that ignited me..the independence I got riding those waves felt amazing and it gave me joy and hope again." 

What piece of advice would you give to someone who is about to give up? (In any field)

"There are no 2 perfect consecutive days in leadership life. If you choose to lead, don’t complain or get out of the kitchen. Develop yourself and love yourself before leading someone else. We attract who we are, not who we want. The better person you are, the better person you can attract. Your strength becomes your weakness when you don’t know it’s a weakness - keep learning and producing."

“Life’s an amazingly beautiful thing even in good and bad times…” Jason McCue

There is a great lesson into Jason’s journey, it’s to discover the value in your adversity. Your adversity is a blessing in disguise. You may not think so at the moment, but it will eventually make you stronger and wiser.

As we are writing this Jason love working out, hitting the gym at least 5 days a week. He plays wheelchair rugby and tries to travel as much as possible to catch the next best wave. He tries to be a better version of myself on a weekly basis to his close friends and family.

His plan is working on his new business, building a pipeline of sustainable income, traveling way more, buying some real estate, and building a resort or place for people with disabilities so that they can experience surfing as he did for the first time. With his leadership, he would love to empower people to financial freedom. Passionate about the future, about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain, we wish him all the best and no doubt we will hear more about him.

Continue inspiring us and others, stay BRAVE. And follow his clothing line called The Alberta scene. BRAVE Vision has given a TRAILBLAZER Military Green to Jason McCue as a form of the oscar of braveness and as a reconnaissance of his devotion and perseverance. 


“Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional.”―Roger Crawford


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Photos by: Jason McCue | BRAVE Vision | Jonah Boyar

Credits too: Jason McCue | Martin Luther King Jr. | Dean Del Sesto | BRAVE Vision

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